Voodoo Tactical Tri-Fold Wallet Review

Voodoo Tactical’s Tri-Fold Wallet is a heavy duty product. In fact, our only concern with the wallet is that it may be too heavy duty.

The wallet is constructed from a tough Cordura-type material. The material is thick and the stitching is solid. Folded closed, the wallet is thick and hefty. If you’re wearing cammies with big pockets this wallet will be fine. But the wallet may be too thick to comfortably wear with jeans or similar pants. Overall, the substantial wallet will provide solid protection for the stuff inside.

Inside the wallet are numerous card slots and a transparent ID holder that folds out so the back of the ID can also be seen without removing. The money compartment has a zipper closure. Velcro keeps the wallet securely closed. An elastic cord with removable carabiner can be used to thwart thieves. The Voodoo Tactical logo is stitched on the outside. If you’re looking for a tough tactical wallet, this is it. The wallet has everything you’re probably looking for.

The Voodoo Tactical Tri-Fold Wallet is available in three colors, Black, Tan and Olive Drab.

Voodoo Tactical Tri-Fold Wallet Photos

Voodoo Tactical Wallet

Voodoo Tactical Wallet

Voodoo Tactical Wallet

Voodoo Tactical Wallet

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