MTM Special Ops SEAL Black Dive Watch Review

The MTM Special Ops SEAL Black Dive Watch is the M1 Abrams Main Battle Tank of watches. It’s built like a tank and is ready for action.

Many watches claim to be military or tactical watches. Many watches just look the part, while falling short in quality and durability. But when you’re out on a mission, looks don’t cut it. Luckily, there’s the MTM SEAL Black watch, a complete timepiece with no compromise. We’ve had this watch for approximately two years, and we’re here to tell you this is the watch we use for the most rugged conditions.

The first thing you notice about the watch is the weight. At a hefty 6.6 ounce, this watch feels solid, and it is. The 44m case (without crown) is solid titanium and is a hefty 16mm in thickness. Overall, the size of the watch appears more like a 45mm watch, but the thickness along with the prominent and rugged crown gives it the appearance of a larger watch. Any larger, and this watch would be too big. The SEAL Black is one of the largest and heftiest watches in our collection.

Inside is a specially calibrated Swiss quartz movement with date window. This watch has been super accurate over the last two years and is always on the correct time.

The 4.5mm thick sapphire, anti-reflective, scratch-resistant glass is no joke. We’ve had no issues with the glass and don’t expect any. This is a tough piece of glass.

The crown is screw down and locks. Though protruding, this is also a solid piece of hardware. No worries here.

Our watch has the black DLC (diamond-like carbon) coating. It’s a tough finish and it looks great. The watch is also available in a brushed silver finish which contrasts nicely with the black elements.

We can’t decide which band we like best (three are included). The titanium bracelet probably has the edge since it matches the watch and contours better to the wrist. The rubber band is also a good choice and might be better suited for tactical missions. (We have not used the leather band, and it appears current models have a ballistic Velcro band instead.)

One issue you often run into with watches and bands is having the special tools to adjust and attach the bands. But that’s no problem with the SEAL Black watch, because watch tools are included. And this solidly built watch doesn’t just have tiny spring bar pins. The SEAL Black watch has Allen (hex) screws that attach the bands to the watch while the titanium band has hex screws for each link.

Many tactical-style watches are water-resistant down to 200-300 meters, but this watch is rated to 1,000 meters (that’s 3,500 feet)! This is a true dive watch.

The watch comes equipped with Tritium-gas filled tubes for nighttime luminescence. The tubes provide adequate luminescence on par with Luminox watches.

And if all that is not enough, the watch comes in a Pelican-type watertight tactical case that securely houses the watch and all the accessories. To top if off, there’s also a heavy duty dog tag-style keychain with the MTM logo on the front and the words THE NATION WHICH FORGETS ITS DEFENDERS WILL BE ITSELF FORGOTTEN.

The SEAL Black watch is the top-of-the-line/priciest watch from MTM. The watch is currently listed at $2,050. Ask about a 10% military discount if you are on active duty or a military veteran. Though pricey, this watch has the best of everything – construction, timekeeping and looks. A tactical watch doesn’t get any better than this. If the price is prohibitive, we recommend the online Exchange for military active duty and veterans. The Exchange has a number of MTM watches available.

MTM Special Ops SEAL Black Dive Watch Website

MTM SEAL Black Watch Photos

SEAL Black Watch

With rubber band.

SEAL Black Watch

SEAL Black Watch

SEAL Black Watch

SEAL Black Watch

SEAL Black Watch

With titanium band.

SEAL Black Watch

SEAL Black Watch

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