Connecticut National Guard Seeking Tactical Gear

The National Guard – Connecticut is seeking to purchase Safariland holsters, magazine pouches, stainless steel handcuffs, handcuff pouches, radio carriers and other assorted items according to a solicitation notice at

– Duty Belt. Safariland Model 94B-X-22. 240 EA
– Belt Keepers. Safariland Model 62-4-2H2. 1080 EA
– Buckleless Garrison Trouser Belt. Safariland Model 99-X-22. 240 EA
– Universal Military Holster. Safariland holster 636X-73-13XMS30. (24 of the 240 holster must be left-handed). 240 EA
– Quick Locking System (QLS) Attachments. Safariland Model 6004-16-13-MS22. 240 EA
– Slim Line Double M9 Magazine Pouch. Safariland Model 78-76-13PBL. 240 EA
– Handcuffs, Stainless Steel. Safariland (also known as Hiatt) model 8112-1. 240 EA
– Handcuff Pouch. Safariland Model 190 -13PBL. 240 EA
– OC/Pepper Spray Carrier. No brand name requirements on this line item. 240 EA
– Open Top Radio Carrier. Safariland Model 762-5-13. 240 EA
– Surgical Glove Pouch. Safariland 33-3-2-2V. 240 EA
– AutoLock II Baton – 22″Baton. Monadnock Model 9830MP. 240 EA
– Monadnock Autolock Swivel Baton Holder. Monadnock Model 3800 240 EA
– Holster, Armorer Kit. No brand name requirements on this line item.(24 of the 240 armorer kit holsters must be left-handed). 240 EA
– Flashlight. Surefire 6PX–A-BK. 240 EA
– Flashlight Carrier. No brand name requirements on this line item, but must fit Surefire 6PX Pro flashlight. 240 EA

(File photo by U.S. Marine Corps by Sgt. Christopher Q. Stone)

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