Allies Train With Nett Warrior

Soldiers from various allied nations trained with the U.S. Army’s Nett Warrior Battle Management system during exercise Saber Strike 18 in Poland in June 2018. Saber Strike is a multinational exercise involving 19 countries for the purpose of maintaining security and deterring aggression in the region.

The Nett Warrior system uses off-the-shelf cell phone technology that enables communication between commanders and soldiers. The systems use android-based cell phones such as the Samsung Galaxy Note. The phones are purchased from cell phone companies (such as Samsung), then wiped clean by Army engineers. All commercial features, including the antenna, wifi and Bluetooth are removed, then the Nett Warrior software is installed. The phones can’t make calls, but can be used to see other soldiers’ positions, mark enemy troop positions, and even text each other. The phones can be mounted to the chest on body armor for quick access.

Nett Warrior Photos

Nett Warrior

Nett Warrior

Nett Warrior

Nett Warrior

PHOTOS: UK soldiers with the 1st The Queen’s Dragoon Guards use the Nett Warrior Battle Management System in a reconnaissance exercise during Saber Strike 18 at the Bemowo Piskie Training Area in Poland on June 2nd, 2018. (U.S. Army photos by Spc. Hubert D. Delany III)

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